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About Us

Armenia, Yerevan

Russian Federation, Moscow

What do we offer?

We produce the finest decals for motorbikes, scooters and other motor vehicles. There are more than 2000 products on our website, so you will find everything you need to make your bike look its best. We offer a wide range of original designs, as well as aftermarket decals which are as closest to the genuine as possible.

Our stickers are made from the high quality vinyls, best on the market– 3M and ORACAL. We have been doing it for a long time and can swear by the quality and durability of our decals.

We don’t show you any stock photos of the decals. All the pictures you see on our website is 100% our work. That is how the decals will look like when you will receive in your order.

You will get an instruction with every order. Read it carefully before applying the stickers. Almost all the small decals are covered with transfer tape. The transfer tape will help you to place the stickers right where you want them. The big one-piece decals are not covered with transfer tape, because they should be applied using water and soap.

All our decals can be put on top of the clear coat of your bike, as well as be clear coated. It looks good, and it will make them last forever!

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