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After receiving the package, please make sure that all the stickers are there, if they are the exact stickers you ordered, and check if they have been damaged during shipping.

If something's wrong, it's time to contact us! We will help you to sort things out.


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Preparing the surface

  • Try and get rid of all the scratches and imperfections on the surface
  • For the best results, polish the surface if possible
  • Degrease it
  • Make sure that you are in a relatively clean environment. That means there are no dust or other fragments in the air
  • Install your stickers in a shaded area away from direct sunlight when the temperature is above 10°C and below 30°C

Applying stickers with soapy water

You can apply most smaller decals without using water. But if you are new to this activity, or for larger stickers, wet method is a life-saver.

  • Take a bowl of water (1L) and mix with some dish washer detergent (1 big drop)
  • Spray some soupy water on the adhesive part of the sticker
  • Next apply the soapy water to the area where the sticker will go
  • This will keep it from adhering immediately and give you time to reposition if necessary, so you can place your sticker just right
  • Remove any bubbles and axcess of water using a squeegee or a plastic card
  • The soapy water will dry and leave your sticker firmly affixed
  • Wait an hour and then warm the stickers using a blow dryer, especially at the edges, gently pressing the stickers
  • For better results, do not ride your bike at least 24 hours and don't leave it in a cold or wet place if possible
  • The next day check if there are any bubbles left at the edges and remove them if necessary

Applying stickers without water

You can apply smaller stickers and stickers on transfer tape without using water. If you try installing larger stickers on a dry surface, you will need a steady hand and the following instructions.

  • Make sure you know exactly where the sticker will go
  • Cut a strap ~1 сm wide of the paper backing in the center of the sticker
  • Position the sticker and put it on the surface
  • Take off the rest of the backing paper, applying the rest of the sticker
  • Warm the sticker with a blow dryer pressing the edges and getting rid of the the bubbles using a squeegee
  • Leave the sticker for 24 hours and let it "settle"

Applying lacquer over the stickers

To keep the vinyl graphics looking good and to keep them protected, you can clearcoat them.

  • Make sure you apply stickers on a surface that is already completely dry
  • Leave the stickers to settle for AT LEAST 24 hours before applying the next coat of lacquer. Otherwise the stickers will shift under the clearcoat and ruin it all
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