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F.A.Q. about modifications

Change rider ID

You can choose this free option for every enduro\cross motocycle sticker set. We change your name and number on the stickers to make it more personal. Don’t forget to enter your name and number information in the corresponding fields.

Removable rider ID

We can make your number and name tags as additional stickers, and not printed on the decals. So you can easily change your name and number without changing the original sticker set.

Tank stickers perforation

If needed we can add perforation for your tank stickers.

Some tanks are made of porous plastic and the fuel can evaporate through the pores. That can lead to bubbles forming under the sticker surface. To avoid it we can make a lot of little holes in your tank stickers.

Add boots protection

If you order enduro decals in LIGHT or MEDIUM, we can add two A4 sheets of transparent PRO vinyl to your order. You can put it on the sides of the bike and protect your stickers from being scratched by the boots.

Make matte

All our stickers have glossy finish by default. If you need matte finish, please check this box.

Make stencil

If you want to put paint on your bike, we can make removable stencils for painting. (It looks like holes cut in the film, in a shape you need.)

When you order a decal kit, it can be stickers OR stencils. If you need both, you have to order 2 kits.

Still don’t know what stencils look like? Watch a video!

Change colours

We can change the colors in every sticker set for free. You can describe the changes or upload a photo of the colour scheme that you need.

Please note that camera and computer screen distort colours, that’s why we can not guarantee a 100% match.

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